#Yomecuido campaign initiated in Ecuador to promote personal commitment to stop the pandemic



SANTA ROSA, ECUADOR — The government of Ecuador launched a new campaign called “#Yomecuido” which translates to “I take care of myself.” This campaign emphasizes how it’s our commitment now to stop this pandemic and reactivate Ecuador. 

Ecuador went into lockdown back in April, and it just finished this past September 22, which forced many Ecuadorian college students to spend five months in lockdown and move back home to quarantine.

Ecuador changed their light from red to green in some states, but that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. That’s why Ecuadorian citizens are allowed to go outside their houses and are expected to follow all the safety measures — but not all want to follow this rule.

The government now holds Ecuadorian citizens responsible for their health and make sure they follow all the safety measures to reduce the spread of the virus through their daily activities.

Many authorities agree this is something everyone needs to take care of to keep their families safe and avoid any new possible cases as they return to their normal lives. 

“#Yomecuido” invites their citizens to remember that we all must work together to make sure Ecuador and the world are safe again.

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