Officer in charge of Lauren McCluskey’s case will not be prosecuted. Here’s why protests followed.


About 40 people gathered to protest the district attorney’s decision to not prosecute the officer in charge of Lauren McCluskey’s case.  

“We have to knock on doors to find a candidate who is going to get Sim Gill out of office because we cannot continue another term of this,” said Devon Cantwell, an organizer for UnsafeU.

The officer allegedly showed explicit pictures of Lauren to other officers that were not involved in the case. Those photos were gathered for Lauren’s extortion case. 

“Where is the honor in telling women and people of domestic violence and the violating act of non-consensual sharing of personal photos, that regardless of how much evidence they have, they simply cannot help you,” UnsafeU organizer Rebecca Hardenbrook said. 

The protestors placed signs that said ‘justice for Lauren,’ requesting that the district attorney overturn his decision.

The University of Utah released a statement saying, “There was no found evidence that the former officer ‘bragged’ or shared any image from the investigation that wasn’t considered a legitimate law enforcement reason.” 

In response to the university’s claim, Cantwell says, “To claim that there is no proof is not a correct claim. He doesn’t need to have downloaded or transferred the pictures.”

Sim Gill told the Associated Press that the officer’s actions were “definitely reckless,” but there is no state law that addresses this misconduct. 

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