BYU women’s rugby team resumes training

BYU women’s rugby team running sprints in practice. Practice and conditioning will be a big part of their training next season. (Universe Archives)

The BYU women’s rugby team resumed training to prepare for the new season campaign to defend their national title that they won in spring last year.

The team is training in smaller groups due to COVID-19. They are also focusing on the basics of rugby and keeping the training exciting to motivate players during this pandemic.

The women’s rugby team coach, Tom Waqa, said the team will continue training with a focus on the league, the conference and the play-offs, which kicks off in January.

New players

He added that he is satisfied with the current squad after the team recruited more than 15 new players from 50 that showed up for tryouts.

“We are really excited to see them progress. They have been practicing very well; there is still room for improvement. They are new to the game, you know, but we like what they are bringing to the team right now,” Coach Waqa said.

The new players were mostly drawn from students who are currently attending school and wanted to try a new sport.

The coach revealed that though six players have graduated, the team has talent that is capable of taking them to greater heights.

Waqa added that the rugby team is inspired after Matalasi Morrissette, the women’s rugby team fly half was chosen to take part in the US national team’s training camp for the world cup. 

That is exciting for us that we have one girl represent us, and we also have some promising young talent that will be coming up that hopefully they can progress in the game,” Waqa confirmed.

The BYU women’s rugby team won its first-ever national title last year after thrashing Virginia Tech 48-0.

The team looks forward to defending in 2021 the national title they won last year.

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