From social reunions to virtual events


Quarantine inspired a lot of creativity with a fusion of technology. In-person reunions have shifted to online events. 

Staying inside doesn’t mean we have to keep from participating in some of our favorite activities, and it certainly isn’t an excuse with the use of technology. 

From work, school, exercise and even music festivals, society is finding creative ways to turn social events into virtual events. 

“Normally I would have around 30 people in class and now I’m getting close to 200 views on the video so it could be bigger classes, or just onlookers, not quite sure, says Cassandra. 

Cassandra is a Zumba instructor who is taking advantage of the situation, in order to more conveniently control her schedule and to allow others to more conveniently fit their workout into theirs. 

“the thing that’s not so convenient right now is that I’m doing virtual learning with all four of my kids,” says Cassandra. “Which means I’m trying to find time in between all of their zoom meetings and all of their stuff to find that chunk of time to run my own class for everyone” 

Casey isn’t the only one staying fit through the virtual events. Music-festival goers and artists are also creating virtual festivals and live-streamed sets to keep up to date with their favorite artists and music. 

“For a lot of people it was really hard to lose that outlet to be able to go and listen to your favorite artists on a big sound system in a way you’d never heard before,” says Brevan Mclellan. 

Brevan Mclellan is a 20-year-old EDM producer who was hit hard when shows were shut down. He continued to share his love of music by performing and attending the online set.

However, he says that the energy just isn’t the same, “You’re really never going to get the same experience from an online show compared to actually being able to attend and be there. But it’s still a good way to keep sharing our music, and I’m just grateful to be able to continue sharing my art through these hard times.”

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