How to register to vote in 90 seconds

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Registering to vote in Utah is fast and easy, and you can do the whole thing online in five minutes. If you live in Utah and want to vote by mail this election, you need to register before October 23rd.

All you need is internet connection, a Utah ID, and your social security number. 

Now, if you don’t have a valid Utah ID (this includes non-Utah residents) you can still register to vote, there are just a few extra steps. If you live in Utah County, you can contact the county clerk’s office at (801) 851-8109. You can also register and vote in person on November 3rd election day.

But the fastest, easiest and safest way is to do it all online. You can do the whole thing right from your couch, and the whole thing takes less than five minutes. Even if you think you’re already registered, it’s not a bad idea to check and make sure. Let me show you how.

1. Go to 

2. Click on the bubble that says “Register to vote or update registration”

3. Check yes and yes, go to the next page

4. Put in your house number, ID number and birthdate, then clarify that you are not a robot.

5. On the next page, fill in all the boxes with your personal information, double check that everything is correct, then hit “Save and Continue.” 

And you’re good to go!

In a couple weeks, you’ll get a ballot in the mail, then all you need to do is fill it out and mail it in, or drop it in an official ballot drop box.

Some people are worried that mail-in ballots might lead to voter fraud, but here in Utah that’s not really a concern. Utah’s been using vote-by-mail for almost eight years with no problems.

Get registered to vote today! If you think you’ve already registered, check and make sure your address is correct!

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