BYU athletes slow the spread by using Healthy Together app


BYU athletes have been using the Healthy Together app to assess their symptoms each day in order to keep practicing.

With multiple positive COVID-19 tests from members of the football team, the BYU athletics program has taken more precautions to ensure that athletes can safely practice.

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During the summer, athletes went through a check-in station where they verbally reported their symptoms to their trainers, got their temperatures taken, and then received a wristband to show the athlete was cleared to attend practice.

BYU athletes started using the Healthy Together app mid-August rather than continuing the wristband check-in. Each day athletes are to answer a series of questions regarding exposure and symptoms for COVID-19 and then trainers check the app as the athletes enter practice.

Member of the BYU cheer squad, Chloe Zaugg, said, “I have liked the convenience of using the Healthy Together app. I can fill out the questions before I get to practice so that when I get to practice I don’t have to wait in a line to get a wristband to say I am cleared.”

One of the biggest concerns with using the app is whether or not individuals are truthfully reporting their symptoms or not. If athletes are not honest with reporting their symptoms, not only will it spread the virus further, but athletes will not be able to continue practicing with their teams.

BYU athletic trainer Krystall Greenwell said, “I think the app can be reliable as long as the person using the app is responsible and acts on the prompts it gives. It is only as reliable as the person using it.”

“Overall, I prefer using the app over the wristbands because it would be near impossible for me to work the check-in station, get treatments done and be to practice on time each day. So far my athletes have been good about adapting to the app and being responsive when it says to contact me,” said Greenwell.

Not only are athletes at BYU using the Healthy Together app to get cleared for practice each day, but they are required to show the app to certain facilities they use on campus. The Nutrition Center is another place on campus that requires athletes to show their Healthy Together app in order to receive service.

“I am still getting in the habit of remembering to check the app rather than looking for a wristband on the athletes,” Nutrition Center employee Taylor Mortensen said. “I can tell that many athletes are still trying to get into the habit of completing the survey before they get to the Nutrition Center.”

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