Utah senators share opinions on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Judge Amy Coney Barrett meets with Utah Senators this week. (Greg Nash, AP)

Utah’s senators have both released statements regarding Amy Coney Barrett, the conservative Catholic woman President Trump nominated on Saturday to be the Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.   

Before meeting with Barret, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) announced he was in favor of confirming her. “I think she’ll be a textualist and an originalist. She’ll be devoted to the principle of constitutionally limited government. That’s what President Trump promised his voters,” his statement says.

Lee met with Barrett on Tuesday and released a statement that said, “I was remarkably impressed by Judge Barrett. My meeting with her was fantastic. She is a judge, a legal scholar, and a lawyer with outstanding credentials. We had a great conversation and I am very much looking forward to speaking with her more during her confirmation hearing.”

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) released a statement Saturday saying he takes his constitutional role of providing advice and consent to Supreme Court nominations very seriously. He also said Barrett is a “highly respected” jurist with notable credentials. 

“I believe our next justice must faithfully apply the law and our Constitution, impartially and regardless of policy preferences,” his statement said. 

“Enjoyed meeting with Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the President’s nominee to serve as Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. We had an informative, wide-ranging discussion about her impressive background and judicial philosophy. Look forward to her upcoming Senate Judiciary testimony,” Romney said after meeting with Barrett.

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