The transformative power of meditation

Ari Davis
People doing a Buddhist worship and meditation at the Underground Studio. (Ari Davis)

SALT LAKE CITY — With all of the chaos surrounding us in today’s world, people are learning how to turn inward in order to tune out, and self heal through the benefits of meditation.

“I played in the NFL for seven years, and during those seven years, I suffered many concussions which led me to a spiral in my life,” says 39-year-old Ryon Bingham.

Ryon turned to many forms of therapy in order to heal his injuries. While nothing seemed to help, meditation was his last go.

Ryon began to spend 20 minutes a day, twice a day meditating and searching deep into himself in an attempt to find healing. Within 30 days of him starting, he felt healed from the years of injuries he had suffered from before.

“This has absolutely transformed my brain by giving me a manageable life where I can manage my symptoms.”

While you’re stuck in the house with nothing to do, take advantage of this time to dive deep and discover new parts within yourself.

“This year has been crazy. Corona hit and I had a lot of personal things happening in my life, and so I turned to meditation to solve those problems in my head, and it’s really helped me in all of those aspects,” said 21-year-old Kevin Gerdts.

After having met with Ryon through a family friend, Kevin also began to implement meditation into his life.

“Meditation has helped me focus on the things that I need to focus on instead of being distracted with all of the things going on that I can’t control.”

For more information on meditation, visit “Awaken Meditation” on Instagram. To join a free, online, guided meditation session, visit “Let’s Meditate: Salt Lake!” on Eventbrite.

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