BYU and UVU presidents release joint statement re COVID-19

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Covid is not going away anytime soon, and because of recent increases in covid cases among students, presidents of BYU and UVU came together to write a joint statement asking students to adhere to the mask mandate as well as any other safety precautions that have been put into place since the beginning of fall semester. 

As of September 21, Brigham Young University had 413 active cases and Utah Valley University had documented 198 self reported cases since August 24. 

BYU student, Jared McFarlane said, “Whatever the reality is, whatever the facts are, whatever the science says is more important than how I feel about it.”

Presidents Worthen and Tuminez asked students to only leave their homes for essential activities and to limit social gatherings. Be proactive about monitoring symptoms and following quarantine guidelines. 

They said that if circumstances do not change by the end of two weeks, they will be taking more drastic measures to ensure university and public safety. 

Caleb Lindgren, another student at BYU, said, “The real question is, how do we gage that kind of risk and how much are we willing to accept — both of which are hard questions.”

They end the statement by saying that your individual choices have an effect on both your school and your community — make those choices wisely. 

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