BYU USGA invites students to learn how to be an ally

Student leaders of USGA hosted a socially distanced meeting at the Provo Library to invite all to learn how to be ally.
(Addie Blacker)

USGA hosted a meeting for all individuals to learn how to be an ally for the LGBT community. Held in the ballroom of the Provo Library and via zoom, individuals gathered to learn and share experiences within the community Thursday night.

USGA co-chairs Emma Trent and Deegan Minchey lead the meeting in discussing tips on how to be an ally and respect others. While explaining these tips for allies Trent said it is “our job to respect their journey.”

The co-chairs explained five tips on how to be an ally: First, to listen. They asked allies to sincerely try to take on a new perspective. Second, to trust and let people explain their own perspectives and not make assumptions about their lifestyle. Third, to learn and be educated about the LGBT community. Fourth, to speak up and stand with the community. Fifth, to not be afraid and not let ignorance stand in the way of learning.

In the meeting they explained the terminology of different sexual orientations and how to properly address individuals within the LGBT community. The meeting then opened up to a discussion of experiences in allyship. Members of USGA who chose to remain anonymous expressed how they “really loved how we were able to listen and learn from queer voices.”

This meeting created an opportunity for students to share their experiences. Co-chair Minchey said he hopes “that USGA can be a safe space and community for all.” He said that for this meeting, he thought it was good for people to learn about these topics within allyship that they haven’t heard about or don’t understand.

The meeting ended with an opportunity for members of USGA to write letters of encouragement to those with their community who need positive, uplifting words.

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