Tuesday, September 22, 2020

BYU Outdoors Unlimited fall challenge encourages students to explore sights near Provo

BYU Outdoors Unlimited is hosting a “Local Adventure Challenge” that encourages BYU students to get outside and explore local sights.

The challenge started Sept. 7 and will end Dec. 31. Students who participate have until the end of the year to visit up to 12 local landmarks in or around Provo. Some of these spots include Mount Timpanogos, Sundance Resort, Bridal Veil Falls, Y Mountain and more.

Participants are also required to print out a “passport” that lists the 12 adventure spots and take a photo by each one they visit. There is a variety of activities that range from a 15-mile hike to enjoying the scenery of a ski resort.

Students can then take their “passport” and photos to BYU Outdoors Unlimited to redeem a prize. The complete instructions are on the BYU Outdoors Unlimited website.

“I lived most of my life in Houston and don’t know a lot of the fun things to do in Utah County,” BYU senior Emme Tuft said. “I was excited for this challenge because I like to do outdoor activities and I want to explore Utah before I graduate.”

Jaren Wilkey/BYU
BYU Outdoors Unlimited is hosting a “Local Adventure Challenge” that encourages BYU students to get outside and explore nature in and around Provo, including Y Mountain, pictured above. (Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

BYU Outdoors Unlimited often hosts challenges and events to interact with students and bring awareness to their services. In years past, Outdoors Unlimited has held March Madness competitions, moonlight cross-country skiing, and even a summer backpacking clinic.

The Local Adventure Challenge has enough sights to keep students busy almost every weekend from now until the end of the year.

“I want to complete all 12 adventures,” Tuft said. “However, the activity I am most excited to do is hike Mount Timpanogos. I have always wanted to do it and I feel like I can’t leave Provo without doing it.”

Outdoors Unlimited has made diligent efforts to provide students and the community with various rentals and activities during the recent pandemic, all while following health guidelines and precautions.

Outdoors Unlimited does not currently host adventure trips but does offer on-campus classes where gear and adventure are provided.

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