Photo Story: Protests against racism continue in Provo


Photos by Gabrielle Shiozawa

Twenty local activists, among whom were a handful of BYU students, led a multi-faceted protest in Provo Friday evening.

Raising signs at the corner of University Ave and Center Street, the protesters were met by honks and shouts of “Black lives matter!” from passing drivers.

This isn’t these protesters’ first rodeo. These demonstrators, led by the Party of Socialism and Liberation, have rallied every Friday afternoon since June in response to the George Floyd protests.

Organizer Kelli Potter’s hope is to show solidarity with the Black community. “We want to show the people who have been victims of police violence and racism that we’re here in the community, that we are seeing their pain and want to stand up for them,” Potter said.

The protesters also expressed desires to abolish the police, end capitalism and implement socialism.

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