BYU Store reduces textbook prices, seeks to regain student business

A sign advertising the reduced textbook rental prices hangs outside the BYU Store. (Hannah Miner)

The BYU Store is promising to offer the lowest textbook prices with its new Student First initiative. The program, which includes a price-match guarantee for rented textbooks and early order pickup, was designed to attract students who have taken their business elsewhere for textbooks.

“The ultimate goal is to regain the trust and affinity of the students and position ourselves as the ‘go-to’ location for all required textbooks,” said BYU Store director Mark Clegg.

Rental prices have been reduced for about two-thirds of the required textbooks. The remaining third of course materials, Clegg said, are inexpensive items like consumable packets. The BYU Store is guaranteeing to rent books at the lowest price and will match any online price at a legitimate textbook vendor.

Clegg said the BYU Store is already seeing an increase in demand since launching the initiative.

“The hope is that long term we ‘earn’ the reputation as the best source for your textbooks which allows us to live our mission more fully,” he said.

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