Good news Thursday: Lost stuffed dog returns home, couple in their 80s become Instagram models


Lost toy dog returns home with help of Cincinnati airport

Staff at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport found this lost stuffed dog and posted pictures on social media in hopes of returning it to its owner. (CVG Airport on Twitter)

On July 14, staff at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport found a lost stuffed dog outside a Starbucks. Instead of leaving it there, the airport started a social media campaign to find its owner. While the dog was in the airport, the staff took it on a tour and photographed it in iconic airport spots.

The dog eventually made its way home to Florida on July 24. It turns out the dog belonged to a 6-year-old who received the stuffed toy from a judge on the day he was adopted.

He’s 83, she’s 84, and they model other people’s forgotten laundry

Chang Wan-ji, left, and Hsu Sho-er own a laundromat in Taiwan. Business has slowed because of the pandemic, but it was given the couple time to become Instagram famous. (@wantshowasyoung on Instagram)

Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er own a laundromat in Taiwan. While most people pick up the clothes they leave to be laundered, some people forget. Those abandoned clothes might end up as colorful, hip outfits on the octogenarian couple’s Instagram page.

The idea for the Instagram page, which now has over 546,000 followers after just one month, came from their grandson Reef Chang, who is also their stylist. He told The New York Times that he saw how bored his grandparents were during the pandemic and wanted to brighten their lives.

Farmer returns prosthetic leg that skydiver lost during jump

Farmer Joe Marszalkowski holds a prosthetic leg, Monday, July 27, 2020, that he found Sunday in a soybean field on his farm in West Addison, Vermont. The leg was lost by double amputee Chris Marckres while skydiving on Saturday. (Jack Thurston/NECN and NBC10 Boston via AP)

Double amputee Chris Marckres went skydiving on July 25, and when he landed he only had one of his prosthetic legs. The other one fell off mid-flight. “I think my adrenaline was so high and I was just so excited, I didn’t realize I had lost it,” Marckres told NECN and NBC10 Boston.

When Marckres landed, he posted on social media that the leg was lost. Luckily for him, local farmer Joe Marszalkowski saw the post and kept his eyes out for it in the fields. The next day he found the leg in a soybean field and later returned it to Marckres.

Friends share Powerball jackpot win, keeping 1992 promise

Two friends split the Powerball jackpot after making an agreement in 1992 to do so if either ever won. (Photo illustration by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash)

Two friends, Tom Cook and Joseph Feeney, made an agreement in 1992 to split the money if either ever won the Powerball jackpot. Now, 28 years later Cook is holding up his end of the bargain. The two friends will take away around $5.7 million after taxes.

When Cook shared the news with Feeney, he didn’t quite believe it. “He called me, and I said, ‘are you jerking my bobber?’” he told The Associated Press.

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