Photo story: Fiesta Days Rodeo looks different this year


The Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo was different in 2020 as rodeo fans, staff members and competitors adapted to the pandemic. Individuals were asked to wear face coverings and hand sanitizing stations were placed around the fairgrounds.

Rodeo attendees were offered a free bandana upon entrance to the fairgrounds. Spanish Fork’s rodeo information page, as well as the ticketing website, stated that everyone would be required to wear a face-covering during the rodeo, but the rule was not enforced. Many fans did not wear a face-covering despite previously stated requirements and the free bandanas given to everyone upon entry.

The PRCA provided hand sanitizing stations across the fairgrounds, which spectators were encouraged to use. The stations included a sign outlining information about how people could decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Rodeo staff and competitors were also required to wear masks, except when competing. Most staff members followed this guideline and kept their faces covered throughout the rodeo. Only some competitors wore a mask, and of those who did, many swapped masks with the competitors around them.

Tickets sold out for each night of the rodeo, which is taking place from July 20-24. The arena normally seats 8,500 people, but this year only 6,000 seats were available for purchase.

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