Mayor Kaufusi: Violent protest was ‘unacceptable’


Provo City Mayor Michelle Kaufusi condemned violent acts during Monday’s protests, during which shots were fired.

Kaufusi’s comments were made in a YouTube video published by the city. Police have since taken two suspects into custody in connection with the protests.

Kaufusi said this issue is her number one priority. She has spoken with the shooting victim’s family and said she feels terrible for the victim and his family.

Intelligence and indications were that it was going to be a peaceful protest. “We have had six protests in downtown and every one until last night has been peaceful,” she said. “The violent events of the protest were unacceptable.”

Kaufusi said the rights of people to peacefully assemble and protest are recognized. “We call for mutual respect and listening while obeying the law,” she said, adding that protests are legal but riots are not.

She encouraged people to call 911 with any information about illegal activity during protests. “Social media posts and videos are great but are not a substitute to report a crime in progress,” she said.

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