Police Beat: May 29 – June 5




May 30 – Richards Building Soccer Fields

Vehicle Burglary

May 31 – A vehicle burglary occurred between May 30–31 at Wymount.

June 1 – A vehicle burglary occurred between May 30–June 1 at Wymount.

June 2 – Two vehicles were broken into at Wymount between 3–10 p.m on May 31.

Sexual Assault

June 2 – A sexual assault occurred on campus in the residential halls between April 28–May 30.


False Information

June 1 – Provo police posted on their Instagram that they are aware of a message that was circulating nationally and locally about violent individuals going door to door with the intent to shoot anyone who opens their door. The department said it found no credibility to validate the threat.

Criminal Mischief

June 4 – A woman was shot after pointing a gun at police who were responding to reports of the female waiving a gun around at the Utah State Park. She is alive, but additional information about her condition has not been released.


Criminal Mischief

June 1 – Police reported graffiti containing racist, homophobic and vulgar material that was discovered at the Orem High School softball field. They are currently working on identifying who is responsible.

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