Ryan Reynolds’ cellular company offers free data during pandemic


BYU information systems student Anson Huang was more than a little surprised when he got out of the shower to find a voicemail from actor Ryan Reynolds on his phone.

“Hey, it’s Ryan Reynolds, owner of mint mobile. First, I just want to leave you this voicemail to say how much we appreciate you and wanted to make sure that you knew that during this difficult time you can get free, unlimited data if you need it. Just go to mintmobile.com for all the details.”

The voicemail continues, taking a humorous tone.

“Mostly though… I’m a little bored. About a week ago, I made a list of all these things I was going to do during quarantine and so far I’ve done, like, none of them.” 

Reynolds’ cellular company Mint Mobile is providing free unlimited data for its customers to help people out during the coronavirus. All of Mint Mobile’s customers got the minute-and-a-half long message.

“When I first heard that it was Ryan Reynolds’ voice, I thought to myself, ‘Wow… is this serious?’ Like, who does this?” said Huang.

“And in case anyone was wondering, I did call back the number, but he hasn’t called me back yet,” said Huang. “So if you’re watching this Ryan Reynolds, please call.” 

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