People spread hope during hard times


People around the nation have found ways to show their appreciation for healthcare workers on the front lines.

Scott Lobaido is an artist who is decorating the streets of New York and wants to provide hope to those at Queens-Elmhurst Hospital.
Of his artwork, he said, ”To see them come out with this big smile on their face or tears in their eyes saying, ‘Thank you,’ you know, thanking me. I’m like, ‘No no no, this is thank you!’”

The Empire State Building included a tribute to first responders by flashing like a police light.

Cars filled the parking lot of a nursing facility in a South Carolina community on Sunday night. Drivers flashed their lights to let the people inside know they are not alone.

The Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City showed their love by lighting hotel rooms in the shape of a heart. They are finding simple ways to spread love and hope during a difficult time.

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