Salt Lake City Police Department sees an increase in domestic violence calls


“We are here to help.”

– Police Chief Mike Brown

SALT LAKE CITY — With more Utahns staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Salt Lake City Police Department is seeing an uptick in domestic violence-related calls. 

The SLCPD reports that in the last two weeks there has been an increase of 33 percent in calls related to domestic violence. 

Police Chief Mike Brown says, “These are challenging times, and people are under a lot of stress. Unfortunately, this stress can spill out into relationships. We encourage people to find healthy ways of handling their stress and to think twice before acting in anger.”

Police Chief Mike Brown

Signs you’re a victim of domestic violence include not being allowed to leave the house, having your phone taken away, and being threatened with physical violence if you leave or end the relationship. 

Brown encourages neighbors, families and friends to keep an eye on one another. He reminds the public that the SLCPD is always “here to help.”

If you or someone you know is involved in domestic violence, call 801-799-3000 to speak with a Utah Victim Advocate or visit

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