Utah County reports first resident with COVID-19


The Utah County Health Department announced the county’s first resident case of COVID-19. The case is thought to be caused by local transmission within the community.

This is the second case of the disease in Utah County, but the other is a non-resident.

The patient is an adult male over the age of 18. BYU confirmed in an email sent to students that the patient was not a member of its campus community.

The health department is providing resources for residents to keep informed, including phone lines to screen for COVID-19 symptoms. The department said that the best way for residents to protect themselves is by washing hands frequently and avoiding contact with others. It also recommend keeping a 14-day food supply just in case, and that “the water supply is not expected to be disrupted.”

More information about how COVID-19 is affecting Utah is available on the state’s coronavirus website. The Daily Universe is posting updates daily, as is the university at BYU.edu.


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