Social media reacts to CES Honor Code statement


After BYU released its CES statement regarding the Honor Code, people on Twitter were quick to respond with their opinions and thoughts on the matter.

Some students and alumni were pleased that BYU had provided clarity on what the Honor Code changes meant.

Other students and alumni felt that BYU was acting “cowardly” and “kind of back-tracking,” and some students said that BYU policies surrounding LGBT students are “discriminatory.”

The Honor Code interpretations made over the past two weeks created a lot of conflict between students, alumni and followers of BYU Twitter. Tweets often demonstrated the strong polarization that has been developed regarding the Honor Code change.

While the CES letter was intended to provide clarity, people felt that the university should have been clearer from the start about the Honor Code adjustments. Others felt like they could have responded faster to the rising concerns and questions in order to prevent harm to the LGBT community.

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