Police Beat: Jan. 1 – Feb. 21




Jan. 7 — Theft from the Richards Building between 9-10 a.m.

Jan. 8 — Two bikes not returned to BYU after the end of the rental period. Unknown time of occurrence, sometime after Thanksgiving. Location of theft undetermined as well.

Jan. 12 – An individual was attacked and bitten on Y Trail. Unknown time, the same day as the report.

Jan. 20 – Theft at Wymount Terrace that occurred sometime between November 2019-January 2020.

Jan. 21 – Personal item was reported stolen between 7-8:00 PM at Helaman Halls. Item was later found to be accidentally misplaced and recovered.

Feb. 7 – Wyview Park. Unknown time of theft.

Feb. 9 – Wyview Park. Unknown time.

Feb. 11 – Wyview Park. Between 8:00 AM 2/9 and 11:57:56 AM 2/11.

Feb. 18 – Wilkinson Student Center between 2:30-4:24 PM.


Feb. 16 – One individual arrested for burglary at the Dairy Products Lab.


Jan. 13 – Motion Picture Studio at 11:50 a.m.

Criminal mischief

Jan. 14 — Y Trailhead at 8:36 a.m.

Jan. 14 — Helaman Halls at 9:15 a.m.

Feb. 26 – Y Trailhead. Happened between 1:00-8:00 AM

Feb. 14 – Sidewalk adjacent to campus. Unknown time of occurrence. 

Feb. 19 – Taylor Hall at an unknown time of occurrence.


Feb. 19 — Jesse Knight Building. Time/date/location of fraud not reported.

Drug use

Feb. 6 — Arrest for drug possession in Helaman Halls. Unknown time of occurrence. Sent to city attorney.

Feb. 12 – Arrest at Maeser Hill Trail. Sent to the city attorney.

Feb. 14 – One individual arrested for drug paraphernalia possession. Drug use happened prior to the time of the report, unknown time. Sent to the city attorney.

Sex Assault

Jan. 30 – Occured at Wyview Park between 3:30-5:15 PM


Jan. 9 – Provo Police Department celebrates National Law Enforcement Day.

Jan. 15 – The Provo Police Department has received reports over the last 6 months of sick or injured raccoons. The raccoons actually have a disease called canine distemper (it resembles but is not rabies) and the department recommends that all dogs are up to date on their canine distemper shots. They said not to go near or touch the racoons and inform them of any sitings on their non-emergency line.

Jan. 14 – A little bunny was located in the area of 900 West and 300 South.

Jan. 23 – Provo Police were trying to locate and check welfare on a 15 year old male with disabilities. Colton was last seen at Provo High School at about 2:45 p.m and were later able to find him and return him to his family safely.

Feb. 1 — The Provo Police Department helped Animal Control and a volunteer help a sick swan who was seen in the Provo Canal.

Feb. 10 – Demolition has begun at the site of our new Provo City Center where the new Provo Police Station will be located.


Jan. 29 — The Provo Police Department Dayshift Patrol pitched in to help 9 year old get a new bike after he reported his old one was stolen and was the only means of transportation for him and his family.



Jan. 3 – A man’s SUV was stolen out of Provo and spotted in Orem on Jan. 4th. Orem police arrested the man and the woman; who were donating their “tweaker clothes” behind the Savers store.

Jan. 10 – After 1 a.m., Orem officers took a 16 year old runaway male into custody after they caught him breaking out car windows and stealing. He’s booked at Slate Canyon Detention Center.

Jan. 17 – Orem Police started a vehicle pursuit on a snowy day of a stolen Ford Expedition. Officers tracked it with GPS and approached it at the Applebee’s in Orem. The vehicle fled and was later spotted and arrested by the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office. The thieves were a 21 year old man and 22 year old woman.

Jan. 21 – A male stole a customer’s iPhone 8 phone at Walmart in Orem.

January – Orem Police Department is investigating thefts at Al’s Sporting Goods at the Orem mall. Several teens stole several hydro flask bottles and Burt’s Bees lip balms which total value was almost $200 dollars.

Feb. 4 – Male suspect with a neck tattoo stole a BMX bike and several other items from Al’s Sporting Goods in the Orem Mall and was caught on security tape.

February – Three Orem Police Officers found five juveniles in the process of trying to steal several construction cones in their car. No charges were filed. Their parents were called and all cones were recovered and replaced.

February – A 36 year old woman was scammed out of $1900 dollars in eBay gift cards when she tried to buy a food truck-trailer off the Facebook Marketplace. The gift card codes were sent away and the trailer was never delivered. It later popped up elsewhere in another ad.


January – An Orem Officer responded to the McDonald’s on 800 North and found the 47 year old man at the Taco Bell next door. The man was arrested for DUI.

January – Orem officers came upon a single-vehicle accident on 800 North at 400 East. A 30 year old man was arrested for a DUI after failing sobriety tests.

February – Officer arrested 43 year old man for a DUI in the Target parking lot after he admitted to drinking and failed sobriety tests.

February – A 39 year old man was arrested for DUI and refusing to submit to sobriety tests after having smashed his Chevy Avalanche into a rock wall at a Chevron and then drove away to the Winco parking lot.


Jan. 10 – After 2 a.m., Orem officer attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle near 600 N State Street. The individual fled, arrested at gunpoint, and found to be on drugs.

February – A 28 year old man was arrested and jailed for huffing air duster from cans he just stole from Office Depot in the back of a Hobby Lobby.

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