Church releases new app for youth


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced a new mobile app, Gospel Living, as a support to the Children and Youth programs of the Church.

The app is “intended to help strengthen youth as they strive to live a Christ-centered life and accomplish their goals throughout the Church and Youth program,” according to a press release from the Church.

The app comes after Church leadership made recent changes to the Children and Youth programs. President Russell M. Nelson announced a new overarching program for children and youth based on personal goal-setting across four categories of growth: spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.

The new Gospel Living app provides content intended to assist the youth in the creation and achievement of personal goals, including articles, images, music and videos, and can be filtered by area of growth.

Andrea Sagers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a Latter-day Saint young women’s leader and mother of five daughters.

“As a result of technology and social media, in particular, the world is rapidly changing and introducing new challenges to the youth,” Sagers said. “I appreciate that the Church is working to stay a step ahead of these new and unique challenges that our youth are experiencing. I think the new app will keep the youth engaged, help them set goals and come to know and love their Savior.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles elaborated on some of the changes in the October 2019 General Conference.

“More young men and young women will rise to the challenge and stay on the covenant path because of this laser-like focus on our youth,” Elder Cook said.

The app links to Latter-day Saints’ church accounts and allows for connection with other members of the Church.

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