Police Beat: Year in review




Jan. 9 — A previously banned individual was found skateboarding in the LSB parking garage; the individual had active warrants and was booked into jail.

March 3 — Two individuals were reported jumping over the Missionary Training Center fence. They were found by officers and given a warning.

March 17 — Police found several individuals on the roof of the restrooms at the Y trailhead and issued them warnings.

March 20 — An officer responded to a report about individuals jumping a fence. After further investigation, police discovered that an intramural team had scheduled the field and jumped the fence because nobody had unlocked it.


Jan. 23 — Officers responded to a report about a marijuana smell in the area of Helaman Halls. Officers checked the area and cited two individuals.


Feb. 1 — An individual was reported for interfering with a basketball game. The individual had left by the time officers arrived.

Feb. 1 — Children were reported racing wheelchairs in the Harman Building.


Feb. 12 — An individual reported a fraud attempt from another person who tried to send more than what was requested for an item on KSL. They also requested the money be sent to a different location.

Feb. 13 — An individual reported receiving an email threatening to post photos of the individual viewing pornography unless they paid the email sender.

Criminal mischief

Feb. 13 — An individual reported seeing a person dump a drink on a vehicle after jaywalking.


March 6 — An individual was reported taking a centerpiece from the Wilkinson Student Center.


March 23 — Officers responded to a call about a physical altercation over a parking stall.


Oct 7. — A fire started in Heritage Halls after a hot pad was left on the stove.

Nov. 28 — A fire on Thanksgiving burnt an apartment building at 2244 N. Canyon Road. Residents were evacuated and officials reported an estimated loss of $3 to $4 million.



Jan. 19 — A man made a threatening Facebook post about committing a mass shooting hours before the women’s marches. Police were alerted to the post and tracked down the man with the help of the FBI. The man is currently waiting on a extradition warrant from Colorado, where it is believed he violated parole.

Murder case

Nov. 16 — The Provo Police Department and Utah Cold Case Coalition reopened a 41-year-old case of a murdered BYU student.



Sept 19 — A bear was spotted wandering the streets of Orem Wednesday morning until it climbed a tree in front of the Orem Police Station.


Jan. 3 — The Orem Police Department posted on its Facebook page that a man has been breaking into vending machines in schools in Orem and surrounding areas. Timpanogos High School, Pleasant Grove Junior High and American Fork High School are all investigating the break-ins, which occurred over the holiday break. Each school sustained several thousand dollars worth of damages to vending machines and other property.

Jan. 22 — A man attempted to walk out of a Walmart with a large TV in his cart and was stopped by the door greeter. He was able to steal a set of bed sheets. Police knew his identity because he made a return to customer services before the theft.

Jan. 22 — A woman stole a pair of jeans from the Buckle store inside the Orem mall. She attempted to return them for money at the Provo Buckle store. The store called the police and the woman was booked into jail.

Feb. 11 — Two estranged individuals were fighting over the ownership of a car and the individual who rightfully owns the car had the title in hand. The other individual asked the previous owner for a bill of sale and filed for a loss of title with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Officers sorted out the situation and cited the second individual.

Feb. 12 — An individual broke into an elementary school and stole six fire extinguishers.

Feb. 21 — A man was reported attempting to steal hats from a store at the mall. He offered to purchase the hats after he was caught by staff. He later returned to the store trying to exchange the hats for cash. He was then asked to empty his pockets where officers found he had stolen fishing lures.

Feb. 21 — A woman stole car keys and wallets from lockers at the gym. She then took the cars and purchased several thousands of electronics from Target. After a brief foot pursuit, officers arrested her and she was booked into jail.


Feb. 11 — A woman reported a man transferring $4,300 to her bank account, where he proceeded to harass her to return the money via gift cards. The money was from a fraudulent account and police are still investigating.

Feb. 12 — Officers have received multiple reports about phone calls telling individuals they have outstanding warrants that can be paid off with gift cards.

Feb. 12 — An individual reported receiving emails offering them a job for buying items and shipping them out. The checks the individual received to buy the supplies were fraudulent and bounced, making the individual lose a large sum of money.

Feb. 28 — An individual reported receiving an email from her boss where he asked her to purchase eight iTunes gift cards. After purchasing five cards at Smith’s, she investigated the email and found it was from a fraudulent account.


Jan. 22 — An officer checked on a man who was sleeping in his car at Walmart and found the man possessed meth and drug paraphernalia. The man had multiple warrants and had stolen tools in the car. He was taken to jail and police are following up to return the stolen tools.

Jan. 22 — An officer responded to a call from a local hotel about a bag of meth found in one of the rooms. The suspect moved to a different room in the hotel, and a warrant was quickly filed.

Feb. 12 — An officer made a traffic stop on a car where the driver threw two boxes out the window. With the help of a police dog, officers confirmed the boxes were carrying meth.

Nov. 22 — Police arrested a 27-year-old man for a DUI after the man hit another vehicle in a parking lot, fled the scene and ultimately crashed into a large tree.


Nov. 25 — A man was arrested for breaking into a house and setting it on fire. He was later identified as the ex-boyfriend of one of the occupants and admitted to starting the fire after he saw his ex’s clothing inside of the house. The home was empty at the time and nobody was injured.

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