BYU Gymnastics Ready for the Upcoming Season


The BYU Gymnastics team is hard at work getting ready to start their season that begins in three weeks. They are in their off season and have set their goals high and look forward to their first meet in January.

Gymnastics is a sport that consists of four events that challenge the athletes both physically and mentally. There is the uneven bars which consists of swinging and flipping; the balance beam, which is a flip routine done of a four-inch piece of wood covered with padding; vaulting, when the athlete runs and punches off of a springboard and flips over a mount; then finally floor which is a flip and dance routine set to music.

Gymnastics is one of the most difficult sports to master, but that has not deterred the team in any way. From all of the hard work and goals they have set, they expect to receive near perfect scores and do really well.

Freshman redshirt, Lexi Mather, says that her goal is to be on the line up every meet and get a 9.9 on her favorite event beam.

The team works hard at every proactive and have felt prepared for over a month.

Abbey Miner, a junior this year, said, “I think we have been training for it and have been ready for probably a month, so I feel like we are all just excited for it to be here.”

The team’s first meet is after the holidays at home January 6th in the Marriott Center at 5:30 p.m.

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