Local stores hope to attract Black Friday shoppers online and in stores

Shoppers can find deals the weekend of Thanksgiving both online and in stores. Local businesses are preparing for the influx of shoppers. Data from the National Retail Federation. (Camilla Brinton)

Black Friday shoppers traditionally saw sales in physical storefronts while online promotions dominated Cyber Monday. The line between the days is being blurred, however, as shoppers are starting to find sales online throughout the weekend.

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 165 million shoppers are anticipated to take advantage of cheaper prices between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Local stores are hoping to entice shoppers with special promotions.

Hello Maypole Owner Aubry Bennion said she plans on holding the company’s sale from Friday to Monday even though Hello Maypole only sells their products, craft and party supplies online.

“(Black Friday) is this idea that right now is when we’re going to have the best sale of the year, and you make up the rules yourself,” Bennion said.

She added that she and other small business owners have been talking about ways they can make the most of the weekend.

Some are doing their own spin on the term “Black Friday.” Bennion said she will likely get rid of the word “black” and host a “colorful” Friday sale to match the colorfulness of the store’s brand.

Bennion also said for small businesses, hosting their own kind of sale can help owners better enjoy the holidays and see a boost in sales.

“You want to be on the front end of any sale,” Bennion said. “If your customers are going to spend money, you want them to spend it in your shop before it’s all gone.”

Other small businesses in Utah are looking to appeal to both shoppers who like to shop in stores and those who prefer to shop online.

The National Retail Federation found that 89.7 million people shopped both online and in-stores last Black Friday.

Local clothing store Called to Surf will run a sale on their website and in their stores in order to reach their customers both in Utah and in other states.

Called to Surf Manager Kat McGurk said these Black Friday sales are important for small businesses because they help get the company’s name out.

“It’s important to keep up with bigger businesses and franchises,” McGurk said. “As a small business, we obviously don’t have as much credibility.”

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