BYUSA wishes students ‘Hap-Pie’ Thanksgiving with free pie

Students receive free slices of pie from BYUSA on Monday, Nov. 25. (Mickey Randle)

Thanksgiving week is upon the students at BYU. Before they’re free from classes, BYUSA decided to celebrate with free pie for all on Monday, Nov. 25.

“Hap-Pie Thanksgiving” was an event planned by BYUSA to provide students with hot chocolate and various types of pie. The pies were selected via intense tasting sessions performed by members of BYUSA. In the end, they went with pumpkin from Costco, pecan from Village Inn and a wide selection from Walmart.

Predictably, the line for the freebies was quite long. However, BYUSA provided several activities to squash boredom and hunger pains. The first was giving students the chance to think about what they are grateful for and write it on a sticky note. Students could then put the sticky note on a giant whiteboard for all to see. 

Another option was to talk to a reporter from the Daily Universe. Kylie Anderson, Abby Nelson and Daryl Waite chose this activity. The group, all of whom are paid plant-waterers for the Wilkinson Student Center, saw the signs for the free pie and “got really excited.” They all chose the Costco pumpkin pie and discussed their plans to visit family for Thanksgiving.

Ellie Martin, an anthropology major from North Carolina, said she is grateful for her roommates.

“I got really lucky this year,” she said.

Martin added that she hoped apple pie would still be available by the time she got to the front of the line.

“I just took a midterm, and I decided that I should treat myself, and it’s even better if it’s free,” said Rachel Kaiserman, another student waiting in line for pie. 

Kaiserman said she is grateful for airplanes that allow her to see her family living in California. She also said she feels especially good about the written portion of her midterm, which she is grateful for as well.

If a student were to write “the Hap-Pie Thanksgiving Event” on a sticky note, they would have Michael Pack to thank. Pack was the event organizer and he enjoys serving other people. 

“A big purpose of the event is really just to give back to BYU students and help them to realize that we care about them,” Pack said. “We love them, and we hope that they feel needed and wanted, and that they can recognize what they’re thankful for in a time that’s a little bit crazy.”

In addition to pie, Pack was also hard at work giving out BYUSA T-shirts to those who signed up to volunteer for the association. Pack pointed out that the group is run completely by student volunteers who love BYU. 

“This is really one of the biggest things that I’m thankful for,” Pack said.

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