Students create cupcake mural to raise money for local food bank

Taylor Hafen carries a tray of cupcakes for the mural. (Preston Crawley)

The Wilkinson Center Garden Court sported a picture of cartoon Cosmo Cougar in on Nov. 20. It wasn’t a normal mural though; it was made entirely out of cupcakes. 

The cupcake mural was part of a two-week-long event called Valley United Against Hunger, where students volunteer to raise money for the Community Action Services’ food bank. 

Student volunteers have been working hard at events throughout the weeks. They passed out hot chocolate, went door-to-door collecting cans and distributed donuts at sports events.

Students working with the cupcake mural dressed in yellow T-shirts, held signs and beckoned passersby to donate. Students could donate a minimum of two dollars and be given one of the cupcakes from the mural. Event organizer Quincey Hettinger said they planned to stay until all of the cupcakes were given out.

A Cosmo cupcake mural was organized in the WSC Garden Court on Nov. 20. (Preston Crawley)

Hettinger, a global supply chain major and Community Action Services employee, said the mural took about 20 minutes to set up. BYU Dining Services, who provided a map so volunteers could see where to place each cupcake, designed it. 

Hettinger has been involved with Community Action Services since her freshman year and has since become employed by the organization. She said the Valley United Against Hunger event raised about $45,000 last year.

According to Hettinger, the organization recruits volunteers via word of mouth and through BYU clubs. Sheridan DeBry, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, is one such volunteer.

Tatum Moulton (left) and Taylor Hafen (right) distribute cupcakes. (Preston Crawley)

“It’s a nice break from routine,” said DeBry of her experience volunteering. “It’s like getting out of my own mind, my own worries, and doing something good for this cause and the students here on campus.”

Mark Sweeney, a member of the BYU Rocketry Club, said he planned to volunteer around four hours of his time at the cupcake mural. 

“It actually makes your day better,” Sweeney said. “It’s easier to work on homework later when you feel good about helping other people out.”

Valley United Against Hunger concluded November 23, but donations can be given at any time at

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