Zimride Makes It Easier and Cheaper for Students to Travel


Zimride is an online carpooling service that connects you with students who have the same final destination as you. This enterprise service is run completely online.

The BYU Office of First-Year Experience is promoting Zimride for freshmen and other students who don’t have their own cars.

“Well, there are a lot of first-year students on campus and not all of them have vehicles to get home, and so we’re promoting it as an inexpensive option for students to use to get where they’re going for the holidays,” Peer Mentor Specialist for the Office of First Year Experience, Hayley Jensen said.

Students must log in with their student IDs and can be connected with other BYU students and students from BYU-Idaho. You can offer your own care or pay others to hitch a ride with them.

“Every time we go on a trip to visit my family in St. George, or even sometimes just to visit her family in Salt Lake, we post rides, and I think three or four times we’ve taken people,” BYU junior, Cameron Brown said.

Through Zimride, students also get the unique opportunity to meet new people on their road trips.

“I think one thing that’s cool about [Zimride] is that you’re riding with other students, and so it’s a way to connect with someone who’s in the same boat as you,” Jensen said.

Zimride lets you set the price for each passenger joining your trip. Depending on the distance of the road trip, the prices could vary from $5 and up per person.

“We’ve loved it because it means we don’t really have to pay as much for gas because people are riding along and paying,” Brown said.

If you post a ride on their website before November 30th, you can be entered to win an Amazon gift card.

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