BYU razes a wing of former Provo High School

The D Wing of the former Provo High School, which was purchased by BYU in 2016, is demolished by workers on Nov. 19. (Rachel Halversen)

BYU has started demolition of the D Wing at the old Provo High School adjacent to the BYU campus. The D Wing is being taken down because of safety concerns and because it has no further use to the university, BYU spokesperson Todd Hollingshead said.

Although BYU students have speculated about what BYU will do with the 25-acre former high school, Hollingshead confirmed that nothing is set beyond BYU’s announcement last September that the space would be used as temporary office space and for some school activities.

“I think we will know the impact better once long-term plans are made,” Hollingshead said.

BYU purchased the property in 2016 for $25 million as a new Provo High School was being built on Provo’s west side.

Backhoes demolish the Provo High School D Wing on Nov. 19. (Rachel Halversen)

A.J. Payne attended Provo High School and graduated in 2012. He said he was glad they tore down the D Wing. He said there used to be holes in the walls, buckets in the hall to catch dripping water and doors had to be regularly sanded down so they could open and close.

“I don’t know if the parts worth saving are worth the effort,” Payne said. “I’m really happy the new students won’t have to deal with (the building falling apart).”

The old Provo High’s parking lot is now free U-zone parking for BYU students registered for parking. The track and tennis courts are also open to the public. The inside of the school, however, is closed. The seminary building now houses young single adult wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a recent BYU news release.

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