Orem’s 4th Annual Kindness Week


We are in the middle of Orem’s fourth annual Kindness Week where we are celebrating the art of caring about one another. 

This whole week is sponsored by local businesses and is all about acts of kindness big and small between individuals, in families, neighborhoods, schools, communities, cultures and the world. 

There are two events left for the week. The next event is a benefit concert for children’s miracle network tonight and the last event is a circle of kindness involving multiple service projects on Saturday. 

Hailey Johnson, a woman who attended the kick-off event on Monday said, “Kindness is so impactful. Even if it’s a small act of kindness, it makes a difference to one person and that one person can go to another person and another person and it has a ripple effect.”

The kindness cause this year will be collecting shoes for Soles for Souls and children’s books for United Way. 

If you would like to donate, you can drop items off in the boxes here at the Orem library or the Scera indoor theater.  

You can complete a caring act or nominate someone you know to be considered for awards that are given at the end of the week to the kindest members in the community, kindest school, business, and neighborhood. 

The founder of the event, Glory Thomas said, “Kindness is a value that needs to be remembered in this world where it is being forgotten, and I think Kindness Week definitely accomplishes that because it helps people remember that human need that we all have and that is to be loved.”

Events and causes such as this one remind people in a community that in a world where they can be anything, it is best to be kind. 

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