Santa at the Riverwoods


It’s Christmas here at the Riverwoods. There’s plenty to do for families and friends as they have everything from lights, trees and even Santa Claus to celebrate the holiday festivities this year.

“We love the lights every year, and we’re here to see Santa for the kids,” said Jake Wilson.

Many families use this event to officially kick off their holiday season.

“This is our, like, kind of opening to the season. We came last year, and my daughter loved it,” said Emma Dunn.

Parents start to notice their kids know just what time of the year it is and expect to have lots of fun.

“We’re just excited to see our kids understand Christmas and get excited. When they’re really little, they don’t really know what’s going on and I feel like this is the first year that our three almost four-year-old really gets it,” said Miles Dunn.

While there are many things to do during the holiday season, the lighting of the Riverwoods and first visit from Santa Claus has become a tradition for many families.

“Our family comes every single year to see the lights turned on and to see Santa when he first comes,” said Judy Kaplar.

The big attention grabbers are obviously the lights and Santa, but there is plenty more to do such as shopping for Christmas presents in the holiday-themed shops and taking pictures by the Christmas trees and ice sculptures.

Bring your families, do some shopping and have some Christmas fun here at the Riverwoods.

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