Plans for new I-15 ramp


Until November 30th, Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT) is in a scoping phase where they are assessing the options for this new access point to I-15 between Spanish Fork and Springville, while considering public comments and concerns.

“We’re looking at a new interchange in between those two locations to try to help provide another access point to and from I-15 for northern Spanish fork, for Mapleton, and for Springville. It’s an existing bridge, and the roadway is right on the border between Springville and Spanish Fork, so it’s 2700 North in Spanish fork and 1600 South in Springville,” said Geoff Dupaix, Region Communications Manager at UDOT.

These plans are going forward now after recent population growth in both cities and expected population growth in the next 10 years. The area near the proposed ramp will be experiencing more development as well.

“They’re building all these new businesses out there. Like, they put a new Walmart in Spanish fork, and the new hospital they’re putting in. All of these things are only accessible through the interstate at the US-6 exit,” said commuter Jeremy Lewis.

A new I-15 access point also means less traffic for 400 South in Springville and US-6 in Spanish Fork.

Part of this planning phase has multiple opportunities for public involvement.

The public meeting about scoping or assessing took place last Thursday, and there will be a presentation of the alternative solutions and the draft for the environmental impact statement.

The upcoming environmental topics for the new ramp will be a big deal for everyone and especially local farmers among other residents.

UDOT has various online resources to stay up to date on the project.

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