Disney+ racks up 10 million users in first 48 hours since launch

A screenshot of the web-browser version of Disney+. (Disney)

Approximately 10 million people have already purchased Disney+ subscriptions since the company’s official launch on Tuesday, Nov. 12, according to a Disney press release.

Like other streaming services, Disney+ offers its users commercial-free screening of Disney movies and series including Pixar products, Marvel and Star Wars films, National Geographic content and many other options.

The excitement around Disney+ has found its way into the homes of the 10 million who have already purchased subscriptions and possibly more as the service allows three additional guests on each account.

BYU student Mallory Oniki is one of the 10 million people enjoying a trip back to her childhood by catching up on films like High School Musical.

“(Disney+) brought back shows and movies people haven’t seen in years and has given them instant access,” Oniki said.

Oniki was initially introduced to Disney+ in a business class. She thought the overall concept was appealing but said she was not interested in purchasing the service herself.

When her father bought his own account, Oniki, along with her siblings, jumped on board and are now able to enjoy their favorite movies and shows free of charge.

“It’s very nostalgic,” Oniki said.

She said the most surprising part of the experience is Disney+’s variety of genres and shows. There is a show or movie for almost anyone’s liking, with everything from the Star Wars series to early 2000s shows like “That’s So Raven.”

BYU student Gillian Ponce is no exception to this claim and has found plenty of shows to her liking.

Ponce and her mom agreed to split the monthly subscription cost. Since finalizing their purchase, Ponce has watched various shows she recalls watching as a child, including “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Kim Possible.”

“I think this is something people have been waiting for,” Ponce said. “I think they did a really good job at creating a system that’s going to be great for everybody.”

Ponce said she thinks Disney+ will continue to improve because Disney is good at paying attention to and delivering their consumers needs.

“I think its just going to continually grow for them,” she said.

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