Couples Counseling Seminar


The purpose of Hope Therapy in Spanish Fork is to provide therapy for couples, individuals and families to heal relationships or to help people with any health problems.

“I’m hoping that couples will have more knowledge about what healthy trust can look like and how to build that after damage has been done in the relationship with broken trust,” said therapist Amanda Christenson.

People have already had great experiences with these therapy sessions and believe that it can help anybody.

“Therapy has helped me a lot personally just because I think we all have personal experiences, and something that I love about therapy is even if it’s just a space to have permission to say whatever you need to say. Sometimes we don’t have that outlet,” said therapy patient Tess Huntington.

Anyone looking for knowledge of what healthy relationships should be would benefit from this seminar.

“People who would want to come to the presentation would be any couples dealing with sexual addiction or betrayal trauma and any leaders in the community or any ecclesiastical leaders who might want help knowing what healthy trust looks like,” said Christenson.

This seminar is just an intro into therapy and isn’t a commitment in any way.

“Someone who deals with couples day in and day out can just point them in the right direction,” said Huntington.

Hope Therapy says many couples struggle with talking about addiction and betrayal. This seminar can help them address it in a safe way.

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