BYU Marching Band Puts On “Loudest Concert on Campus”


Hundreds of people went to the BYU Marching Band concert last night. They performed what they called “the loudest concert on campus” at the Harris Fine Arts Center.

The band combined with the BYU Color Guard for a performance that felt like a football game. It wasn’t a traditional band concert, though. The audience was invited to clap and sing along as they performed. The band played tons of fan favorites from the football games.

“They’re all recognizable songs, so it’s kind of fun,” said BYU Color Guard Member, Kate Riker.

Many BYU students went to the concert to support the marching band and the BYU Arts program.

“We have the arts pass, and we go to all the music things, but the marching band is fun to listen to,” said BYU student Erica Knight.

The band featured a trumpet soloist and their iconic drumline for a few of their songs.

“It is called the loudest for a reason. It’s very loud. Because we’ve got the whole marching band and the drumline all onstage, and then… for some of the songs, the color guard’s coming out and doing the flag work as well, all on stage in this little auditorium,” Riker said.

The Color Guard was also featured as they danced and waved multicolored flags throughout the evening. Since there are so many members of the team, and they are used to performing at a football stadium, they divided up the team and spread them out through the night.

“There are going to be about 10 of us for each song that the color guard is going to be doing, and we’re kind of like scattered throughout the concert,” Riker added.

The concert was a unique and interactive experience unlike any other performance because the audience was so close to the band.

When asked why she was excited to come to this event, Knight replied, “…to see them up close because I’ve only ever seen them from like up at the top of Lavell Edwards. I’ve never been close.”

The band filled up the auditorium with around 400 people for a fun, music-filled evening. If you missed the marching band’s performance, you can see and hear them perform again this Saturday at the BYU football game.

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