Provo residents elect new city council members


Bill Fillmore, Travis Hoban, Shannon Ellsworth and David Shipley were announced as Provo City Council’s newest members on Tuesday, Nov. 5, according to unofficial election results. Below is a look at the new candidates and some of their goals as city council members.

Bill Fillmore

Bill Fillmore played a vital role in assisting residents with construction projects and buildings such as the Provo Recreation Center. Fillmore also helped in passing Provo’s recent bond regarding public safety.

Fillmore raised his eight children in Provo upon returning to Utah from the Eastern U.S. Fillmore met his wife at BYU while studying English literature and later obtained a law degree from the University of Chicago.

Fillmore formed Fillmore Spencer LLC law firm in 1994. Since then, he has worked for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Chamber of Commerce, Provo School District and other local organizations.

Travis Hoban

Travis Hoban was elected to represent District 4. Hoban works in the tech industry at an office where he manages over 140 employees. Hoban obtained his bachelor’s at BYU and later went on to earn his master’s from the University of Utah.

His main priorities as a City Council member are strengthening neighborhoods, ensuring smart growth for the city of Provo and making Provo more business-friendly through sensible spending, according to his campaign website.

Shannon Ellsworth

Shannon Ellsworth was the youngest candidate to win a seat as a city council member. She is also the only woman who was elected this year. She will be representing District 3.

Ellsworth graduated with an MBA from BYU in April and has worked in various positions throughout Utah with local and government organizations. While she is a fifth-generation resident, she hopes to better the lives of all sorts of people living in Utah through her service.

“People should know that I’m accessible,” Ellsworth said. “I want to hear their concerns and I really hope they’ll show up for council meetings and engage — commenting online is not enough.”

David Shipley

New city-wide council member David Shipley has lived in Provo with his wife and children for the past several years. Shipley graduated from BYU with an MBA and a master’s in financial planning.

With his background in financial planing, Shipley hopes to encourage better sustainability of future projects and better represent the community regardless of background, according to his campaign website.

He hopes the people of Provo understand that every resident’s voice matters.

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