The undefeated BYU women’s soccer team celebrates as they hear their names called during the NCAA selection show on Nov. 11. (Elisa Huhem)

The excitement felt by the undefeated (18-0-1) BYU women’s soccer team was palpable as it was announced that they earned a No. 2 seeded spot in the 2019 NCAA Division I bracket. This is BYU’s highest seed since 2012 in which the Cougars were No. 1.

BYU is the last undefeated team in NCAA women’s soccer, with Virginia losing its final game of the season to North Carolina on Sunday, Nov. 11. 

BYU’s first tournament game will be against Boise State on Friday, Nov. 15 at South Field. This is the Bronco’s first visit to the NCAA championship since 2009. BYU coach Jennifer Rockwood and the team are not familiar with Boise State, but they are confident in the team’s ability to continue their winning streak.

Forward Elise Flake said that even though they didn’t play Boise State this year, the team plans on treating it like every other game.

Midfielder Mikayla Colohan said she agrees with Flake, and that it is important to not let the hype or pressure get to them. 

“Taking it game by game has been the big key all year and that is what we have told each other going into each game,” Colohan said. “We don’t look at who we are playing, but treat it like every other game.”

Rockwood said she is proud and excited for her team and that the women have been consistent with their preparation and energy levels. She said she believes these things, in addition to home-field advantage, will be key factors against Boise State.

“We play very well here in front of our home crowd,” Rockwood said. “There is nothing like playing at home.” 

Colohan agreed that playing at home really does have a positive impact and explained that because BYU currently leads the country in crowd size at women’s college soccer games, it’s going to be a shock for everyone who comes to play BYU at South Field.

The fans helped the Cougars secure the lead in highest average home attendance in the nation and the fans’ dedication and energy has impacted the team for good. The team is excited to keep building off the support and do what they have proven they do best — win games. 

“We feel very fortunate to play at a place that is so well-supported, both at home and on the road. The fan base here is just fantastic,” Rockwood said.

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