How do BYU students feel about homecoming week?


Homecoming week begins Tuesday, Oct. 15. The week is full of activities, like a scavenger hunt, a 5k race, a football game and the BYU Spectacular. These events are designed to encourage school spirit and welcome the students back to BYU, but not everyone knows about the celebration.

Emily Bakly, a family history major, said she was not aware of homecoming week, though she admitted that she has only been at BYU since January.

Pre-business major Curtis Nielson hadn’t heard of the events either, but said he would be too busy to attend due to midterms and other homework anyway.

Siblings Braden and Abby Griffin weren’t sure what homecoming week was either. They surmised that it had something to do with a football game because their parents made plans to attend the Boise State vs. BYU football game on Saturday.

Homecoming begins with an opening ceremony, where students can hear the marching band play and eat a free lunch afterward. There will also be activities all week, including the BYU Spectacular, which will feature a musical performance by Ben Rector and Hilary Weeks.

Freshman Mercedes Blackburn said she was looking forward to hiking the Y as part of homecoming week and is excited to see the outcome of the football game since she is from Boise. 

Sevanna Ahern, a chemical engineering major, said she is excited about homecoming week. 

“I love homecoming week,” Ahern said. “I love the performances and everything else that they do. It’s a fun celebration; there’s usually a lot of fun stuff to do.” 

BYU’s Homecoming week starts on Oct. 15 and will culminate with a football game on Oct. 19.

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