Temporary fire station opened in preparation for modern facility in 2020

Provo Fire Station #2 is temporarily located at 3040 N. Canyon Rd. while a more permanent structure is built down the street at 2737 N. Canyon Rd., Provo. The new fire station is expected to be completed in nine months. (Kristen Hollingshaus) 

Provo firefighters have been moved to a temporary fire station for an estimated nine months while a new station is built.

Demolition of the old Provo Fire Station #2 is scheduled to happen Tuesday, Oct. 8., Chief Jim Miguel said. As soon as the power at the station is disconnected and the site is stripped, “construction will begin immediately.”

In the meantime, the temporary fire station is a heavy-duty tent-like structure. The living quarters for the firefighters are located near the back in adjoining trailers. 

Using the money from a $70 million bond passed last year will allow Provo City officials to rebuild Provo City Hall along with Provo Fire Stations #2 and #21.

Miguel said the new station will be “a modern fire station that’s built to be a fire station.”

“The previous fire station was built as a home, purchased in the late 1950s, then renovated to function as a fire station,” Miguel said.

The new fire station will provide designated areas for firefighters to store their clothing and clean themselves after a fire in order to avoid harmful effects from lasting carcinogen exposure.

Highlights of the new fire station include six private dorms, a laundry room, three private bathrooms, a fitness area and a community room where neighborhood members can conduct and hold meetings. 

Senior paramedic firefighter Brandon Vickers said he is most looking forward to the private bedrooms and the fitness area.

“It will be nice to have a more private bedroom to talk to your wife and have your space,” Vickers said.

With the physical and mental demands on firefighters, the new fire station is designed to improve their standards of living, helping them to work at their highest level of performance. 

“The amenities (the new fire station) will provide will allow us to be more productive because we will have better facilities for sleeping. Sleeping is the hardest thing in this station. Getting the sleep we need and having a station that will have better sleeping amenities will be a huge thing,” firefighter Jeanie Budge Atherton said. 

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