Second season of Provo’s Most Eligible makes debut

Bee Eide, Ellie June, Collin Ross and Lauren Hunter, the stars of Provo’s Most Eligible, appear at the premiere event at Sleepy Ridge Weddings. Ross participated in season one and Eide, June and Hunter are the three bachelorettes of season two. (Provo’s Most Eligible)

Season two of Provo’s Most Eligible — a spoof of “The Bachelor” — premiered over the weekend, pulling in over 41,000 views in a matter of days. 

Season two of Provo’s Most Eligible consists of three bachelorettes — a twist from the first season, which featured one bachelor. During the first episode, each bachelorette had to narrow down six guys from a pool of 30 that they would focus on during the season.

“Having three bachelorettes is smart because I feel like most people can relate to at least one of them, especially with the weird dating environment we have here in Provo,” UVU student Garrett White said.

White, who attended the Provo’s Most Eligible premiere event at Sleepy Ridge Weddings in Orem, said about 80 people were at the premiere, including fans, parents, contestants and all three bachelorettes.

“People were laughing and cheering throughout the episode. They definitely had their die-hard fans there,” White said.

Others watched the premiere on YouTube with a group of friends or solo for the first two premiere episodes, which totaled an hour and 45 minutes.

“I love how the show reflects all the awkwardness and fun of dating in Provo. This show unites us in cringe,” Sydney Orton, a BYU pre-advertising major, said.

Orton is not the only one who feels this way. BYU sophomores Seth Priebe and Dallin Johnson agreed that this show is relatable, cringe and all. Priebe and Johnson said they and other Provo’s Most Eligible fans are pretty hyped about the show, but both agreed that the general public isn’t that excited.

Kaitlin Gomez, Kylee Crook, Jenna Muirbrook, Hannah Thayne, Harly Merrill and Hattie Sandy watch the season two premiere of Provo’s Most Eligible. (Sydney Orton)

Fans like Priebe and Johnson plan watch parties each week. The duo said they were surprised so many people stayed for the full time for their first watch party, even amidst busy lives. They said their friends are looking forward to their watch party for the next episode.

Priebe said she liked that this season features so many contestants because it’s easy to relate to at least one of the 30.

White is also looking forward to upcoming episodes. “We can expect a lot more drama, and who knows, people may even find love,” White said. “People should watch the show and other shows like it because it’s comedic relief to the stress of dating here in Utah county.”

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