New restaurant holds fundraiser for car fire victims


A brand new restaurant opened today in Saratoga Springs. But, the restaurant opened two days early so people could donate to the Jones family after they suffered a tragic accident back in July.

Cory King, the manager of Noodles, said, “The Jones family is a local family here in Saratoga Springs that experienced a tragedy, and we are here supporting them and raising as much money as we can. “

In July, the Jones family was getting into their car when a mechanical malfunction caused their van to catch on fire.

Noodles opened their doors and accepted cash donations in exchange for food at the door. All of the donations went to help the Jones family in their recovery efforts. All five family members were in critical condition. The mother and her 4-year-old daughter were hospitalized with severe burns for several days.

Cory said, “We opened up the restaurant on three core values. One of those values emphasized giving back to the community. That is what we hope to do. We hope to bring the community together today and in the future. That is why we are holding this event.”

Donations were exchanged for a free meal from the restaurant, which included one entree and one fountain beverage.

The restaurant raised $2,800 the first night they were open. They hope to reach that same amount on the second night! $26,000 has been raised since they opened up the GoFundMe account.

If you missed the fundraiser and would like to donate to the Jones family or follow their story, you can check out the GoFundMe page created by Saratoga Springs residents to help pay for the family’s medical costs.

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