Pedestrian safety in Provo City


Many people feel frustrated with drivers not following or paying attention to pedestrians. This has raised major concerns among people in certain neighborhoods.

People who live near the busy intersections say there have been several incidents when people have almost been hit by drivers when crossing the road, especially during rush hour.
“There are a lot of crazy drivers out here… got a bunch of teenagers that are… you know… trying to get to where they’re going as fast as possible,”  said Logan Howard, a Provo City resident.

Some of these intersections include 100 North and University Avenue and 2230 North and University Parkway. People have frequently complained about these two crossroads and the danger and frustration that comes when crossing these intersections.

“It’s pretty bad in Provo…I’ve almost been hit at this intersection several times,” said AJ Tucker, another Provo City resident.

“I was trying to cross the crosswalk on my longboard, and a car just decided to turn so I had to bail off my longboard super quick,” said, Megan Cheney, a Provo City resident.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to raise the issue with local city leaders.
We tried reaching out to city officials, but we did not hear back from them.
“Maybe we can get a petition going… maybe to start people slowing down… actually getting people aware of what’s going on around here,”  said Howard.  

Although it may take some time for city officials to do something about the issue, the best thing to do for now is to always use caution and look both ways when crossing an intersection.

“Look both ways. If I make eye contact, always look right… don’t look always like… look both ways. It’s just not that hard,”  said Tucker.

“Even if it is your turn to go, always triple check. Otherwise, that’s when accidents do happen. Always be aware of pedestrians. There are a lot of us out here. We’re trying to get to where we’re going as well. If you speed through the light and hit one of us, chances of us making it are a lot lower than yours,”  said Cheney.

As my family says, it’s better to lose one second of your life than to lose your life in one second.  Safety comes first. 

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