Hong Kong students at BYU worried, frustrated by protests at home

Protestors face a police chase during a protest on Nathan Road, Hong Kong on Friday, Sept. 6. The ratings agency Fitch on Friday cut Hong Kong’s credit rating and warned that conflict with anti-government protesters was hurting the image of its business climate. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)
LISTEN: Hong Kong students at BYU talk about what’s it’s like trying to focus on school when your hometown is shaken every day by political unrest. While they all hope for a peaceful resolution, these students deal every day with the anxiety that things could get worse at any moment. (Joseph Carson)

Pro-democracy protests have filled the streets of Hong Kong for more than three months in response to a new extradition bill that would place Hong Kong even further under Beijing’s jurisdiction.

Most of the protests have been peaceful, but some have turned violent. Beating, tear gas, petrol bombs and rubber bullets have all made an appearance. For BYU students who call Hong Kong home, it’s hard to be so far away.

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