Boy’s Thanos cast goes viral


AMERICAN FORK- Seth Anderson is an average kid. He enjoys video games, jumping on the trampoline and even playing with Legos.

A lot of those activities have become harder after breaking his arm.

Seth was walking up his back steps when he tripped and caught his weight on this left arm.

But he says it wasn’t the worst thing. Just this week Seth’s broken arm went viral.

Seth, with the help of his mom, made his cast into a plastered replica of the infinity stone gauntlet used by super villain Thanos in Marvel’s End Game.

The idea came while in the hospital where Seth asked for a purple cast to replicate Thanos’ purple skin.

Christine, Seth’s mom, posted a picture of the cast on Reddit before going to bed and woke up over 100 thousand likes over multiple social media platforms.

Seth was shocked, “It was crazy that 95-thousand people saw me and saw this and thought it was cool.”

With all the internet hype, people began to comment asking how he got so lucky.

Seth said that he had to break his arm in order to receive the soul stone, but that it was worth it.

Christine reminds fans that it is not necessary to break bones to get a cool cast, “You can just go get a cast!”

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