UVX celebrates one year anniversary


Utah Valley Express, the Bus Rapid Transit service in Orem and Provo, celebrated its one year anniversary this weekend. 

They hosted an event for their riders at Provo Central Station, and it was a huge success! Several UTA board members and staff greeted UVX riders as they commuted. They celebrated the one year anniversary with treats and plenty of UTA swag.

UTA riders and staff showed their appreciation for UVX by joining together for the one year anniversary.

On the Board of UTA Trustees, Kent Millington said, “Well, the UVX started in August of 2018, so this party today is just kind of the one year celebration for the one year anniversary of UVX being operated.” 

One of the first ever UVX riders boarded a bus early in the morning last year and showed his love for the transit system by attending the event.

Rixlin Seagle exclaimed, “It was very cool to be one of the first riders to ride the UVXs.”

Along with Seagle, the millions of riders are made up of three major groups: UVU students, BYU students, and other commuters working in Utah Valley.

BYU student, Victoria Mares, said, “So I’ll ride it every day Monday through Thursday, basically. It takes a little bit longer, but you can do homework, which is something that I couldn’t do when I was driving.”

If associated with a university, riders can ride the Frontrunner and UVX buses for free — making transportation a whole lot easier.

After receiving a treat and swag, riders could talk and interact with staff and learn fun facts about the UVX system, including how ridership and trips have increased since 2018.

UTA Regional General Manager, Mary DeLaMare-Schaefer, shared, “The bus operation that used to run the same route — it was called the 830 — used to carry about 1,800-2,000 trips a day (boardings a day), and now we’re hitting 12,000-14,000 a day with UVU back in session and BYU back in session. We want to thank our customers, because it’s all about our customers.”

Moving forward, UVX will continue to grow and UTA is planning potential Bus Rapid Transit projects in Ogden, Davis County, and Salt Lake Valley.

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