Students come out in droves to attend outdoor screening of Aladdin


The BYU Student Service Association hosted an outdoor screening of Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” which was attended by hundreds of students and community members on Friday, Sept. 13. Some brought camp chairs, others popcorn. Some even had inflatable couches.

Nursing student Bethany Jones came after learning about the event from an email sent by University Communications.

“It’s just a good evening, with good weather and a free movie,” Jones said.

Helaman Fields was dark except for the neon lights of the Chevron and Super Eight across the street, and the large screen displaying movie trivia. Young adults holding blankets rushed to find a spot as close to the screen as possible. A few children ran around the grass and a female student called her friends on the phone, asking where they were.

“I’m just a freshman, just trying (the activity) out,” BYU economics students Jay Lethco said. “I can’t hear the movie yet, people are talking which is great, but you know, whatever, that’s life.” 

Lethco came by himself in an attempt to meet more people, which is exactly what BYUSA employees want, according to activities committee member Carson Hardy. 

BYUSA goes through an extensive process to choose the films they show students. When they get wind of a film that might be of interest to students, they use a licensing company to secure the rights, and make sure the content of the film meets BYU’s standards. Hardy said Disney movies usually fulfill all of the criteria.

“I think the main goal is to create that positive BYU experience and give them the opportunity to kind of relax cause BYU is such a high strung, very academic institution, and I think our priority is to give students the chance to unwind a little bit and be with friends and have a fun experience here at BYU,” Hardy says.

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