New graduate student fair provides opportunities to succeed

The Graduate Student Society aims to get new students involved in the social environment at BYU and also teaches and uplift in a variety of ways.

BYU Graduate Studies held their annual New Grad Fair on Wednesday at the Wilkinson Center. Students flooded the terrace when the fair started, many looking for information on campus resources and social groups that could help them in their new graduate experience.

James Crane, the assistant dean of Graduate Studies, said he hoped that the New Grad Fair would be helpful for new students, many of whom had never been to BYU before.

“We want attendees to connect with a service that BYU offers,” Crane said. “Our hope is for students to find resources that can help them be successful with their graduate experience.”

The fair had a variety of useful information, such as a guide to Utah County for students moving to Utah for the first time, academic resources from the campus library and a booth dedicated to setting up BYU meal plans.

“One cool part was the Graduate Student Society,” Michael Lee, a new graduate in public administration, said. “I like to be involved. They do a lot of social activities. They also do a lot of skill-based classes as well.”

Lee said he appreciates the social opportunities the Graduate Student Society offers and that he also loves the campus for its emphasis on academic rigor with spiritual learning blended in.

“I did my undergrad here; I definitely like the learning environment at BYU,” Lee said. “It’s just very inclusive. They bring spiritual learning into academic learning. It’s nice.”

Biological science student Samantha Anderson also said she appreciates the academic environment BYU provides for its students. Specifically, she said she learned that many resources offered to undergrads, like the research writing lab and various technologies offered on campus, can be especially useful for graduate students.

Anderson ultimately said the most important thing undergraduate students should learn as they transition to grad school to “learn to be self-motivated.”

“Your classes’ primary purpose isn’t just a grade, it’s to help you with your career,” she said.

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