BYU ranks No. 1 ‘Stone-Cold Sober School’ for 22nd straight year

BYU often celebrates a year atop The Princeton Review’s “Stone-Cold Sober Schools” list with a BYU Creamery milk flavor.

It’s official. For its 22nd straight year, BYU has topped The Princeton Review’s chart of “Stone-Cold Sober Schools.”

BYU captured the top spot in 1999, and the streak has continued ever since.

The Princeton Review surveys 140,000 students from 385 schools every year and ranks the schools in a variety of categories. BYU’s “Stone-Cold Sober” ranking is the result of student’s responses to several categories, The Princeton Review’s methodology page says.

“Schools on the ‘Stone-Cold Sober Schools’ list are those at which surveyed students’ answers indicated a combination of high personal daily study hours (outside of class), low usages of alcohol and drugs on campus, and low popularity on campus for frats/sororities,” the methodology reads.

The question begs to be asked: “Who topped the chart prior to 1999?” The answer to that particular question may be lost to time. A 2017 Deseret News article says The Princeton Review was unable to find the records, but a 2014 Huff Post article says previous chart-toppers included Caltech and Deep Springs College, a private liberal arts college in California.

On the not-so-sober end of the spectrum, Syracuse University topped the list of “Party Schools.”

Past No. 1 rankings have inspired the releases of several new milk flavors at BYU, the most recent being 2018’s Mint Brownie Chocolate Milk. This leaves one to wonder what milk flavor students will be treated to next.

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